Start on a good note…

This is just a thought that occurred to me this very moment…

How do you start your mornings?

Read newspapers, cook, apprehend the day at work, feel like its just another boring morning, get frantic because you are going to be late for work, have loads to do, etc etc..

Well, all this will only worsen your day or have you grumpy early in the morning which will mostly continue throughout the day.

Like its commonly said, you should start on a good note. So why not start on a good note with yourself in the morning! Blessed you are to see another day, another sun shining brightly. So first of all, be thankful every morning you open your eyes. Next smile when you get up (trust me this is the best thing you would have done during the entire day). And to keep this going, just do something that will make you laugh or makes you happy. Once your morning is set, no matter what happens during the entire day, it will take you through.. 

And this is just not over yet. When you are happy, you are inclined to make others smile as well. Happiness cannot be contained. You are bound to spread it no matter whether you want it or not. 

So… there you go.. there are no disadvantages to start your day with something that makes you happy. For once be selfish, and do what it takes to make yourself happy which will help you get though if not the entire day, atleast a part of your day, which is not precious nonetheless. 

Have a happy morning people!!! 


A little appreciation goes a long way

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and neither was I a child prodigy. I was born an average child and grew up to be an average human being, meaning, I don’t possess any superpowers 😋

So as an average human, I like others have had to strive and and give in my best for everything I did and still do.

In all these years, I am really happy with everything I did to reach where I stand today.

As I look back, I wonder whether any of this would have been possible if I was just always screamed at by my parents, made fun of by friends, ridiculed by relatives, punished by teachers and looked down upon each and everytime by everyone.

Although there are always some ‘mess makers’ in everyone’s life; nonetheless, such people are always outnumbered by those who actually care.

So I believe that a positive remark/comment, a pat on your back, a hug when things go wrong, a push when you lose hope, a gratifying smile when your spirits are dampened, some reassuring advice when you want to give up are some of the things that helps us not only to carry on but also affirms our faith in ourselves and to keep moving ahead in life with all the force.

I started blogging only a few days back and on my third post, I saw other bloggers liking and commenting as well. I was ecstatic to see the comments and likes. It gave me a newfound energy to keep me going and here I still am blogging. This is just a very small example of a gesture, a form of appreciation that has not only pumped me up but made me feel confident and wanting to write more.

So all I want to do is send across a simple message.

Criticism at every point may or may not bring out the best in people but a small gesture of appreciation goes a long way and you never know how big a role your small gesture may play in someone’s life. Always try and spread positivity.. it never hurts. It will only bring about smiles 😃

Have a good day everyone!

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary”- Margaret Cousins