Breaking the barrier

Life is a never-ending struggle or is it not? At one moment in your life you may feel happy, content, fulfilled and the very next moment, something as small as a disgruntled message from someone may shatter what you may be feeling.
Is happiness, peace just transitory?
What is it in life that we want that takes us to that level of peace and happiness that nothing in this world can break or control. Or maybe there is no such permanent bliss in life. When you are a child, all you want is to grow up, when you grow up all you want to do is get back to your childhood. There is never a time in life where you enjoy what you have. It’s always to reach the next level, where I quote we “believe” will bring us unmeasurable joy and hopefully “content”. But as soon as you get to that level, the joy somehow seems further farfetched. Someone once told me that it isn’t the goal that you want to reach brings about a feeling of fulfilment (infact nothing so far in my life has brought me that fulfilment), rather the journey to achieve that goal is what brings about all the enthusiasm and excitement. It keeps building until we achieve that goal. But what do you feel once you have achieved it? For me, I feel nothing!
Now that I am writing this, it makes me question my own state of mind? Am I abnormal to feel this way or are there more people that feel the same way?
So to conclude, I am still looking for an answer as to what do I need to do to feel and to make me believe that there is a road down there somewhere that can bring about that bliss, that state of mind where no force of nature can break my conscience of pure happiness and bliss.