Lets give the real life a chance!

All the technology that we have now has definitely made the world a smaller place. But at the same time we have forgotten how to live in that very moment and forgotten how to spend quality time with someone. 

Yes, I do blame the so called ‘smart phones’ for losing touch with our inner senses. All we are in touch with nowadays are our ‘touch phones’.

Well, it has been ages since I spent time with someone who would give me their complete attention. There always is someone who has some important message for them on watsapp or everyone on facebook has to know where and with whom they have been having dinner tonight and ofcourse they cannot eat without letting their friends know what gorgeous food they are about to dig in. While all this is going on where do we have the time to have a good conversation. Wasn’t that the reason why you met!

Gone are those days when families would have a hearty discussion over dinner and talk about things that would release your day’s stress. Now its all about catching up with people away from you because you had such a busy day at work and could not catch up on the updates on all the social media. 

Alas phones have reduced the literal distances between people but more  than that, it has distanced people emotionally. The communication is now so easy that we really don’t value it any longer. 

I don’t deny that I too have been a part of this bandwagon. But better late than never, I have come to realize what it means to actually be with someone in that very moment. That moment will never come back once you lose it. I have understood to value time and the people who give you their time.

Its upto us to live in the very present, savour each moment and to create memories — not on facebook /instagram/snapchat etc, but in your heart and mind. 

Smart phones, social media are not an evil. Infact they are what helps you connect to people you would have otherwise lost touch with. But we have to learn to draw a line, learn our priorities and most important start living in the real world with real people and respect and value real relationships. Virtual world is not the real world!

Be Real..live real!


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