Time and again!

Have you ever wondered what is it that keeps you going everyday? You will agree that most of us have a peculiar mundane routine everyday, ofcourse except for the weekend (again which may be the same for some). So we do the same things every day, see the same people and feel the same almost every single day! Even writing the word ‘same’ so many times almost bored me. So its definitely pretty boring to live a life like that.

But this dismal reality doesn’t really bother us does it? I am guessing most of you, once you started reading this post would have been forced to think how mundane your lives are. But then to answer the question of whether it comes to your notice pretty often? I am sure not. 

I am not sure whether we have been taught this or is it just the human nature that makes us see beyond the day to day life, in other words to look forward to the things that will bring a change from the regular routine or some things that just bring us enough joy to not bother about the regular routine life.

These things to look forward to is different for everyone. For some everyday getting home to see their partner, their kids could be something to look forward to. For a lot many, vacations are a blessing. For a few just doing things they are passionate about is a moment of joy. For the jobless, getting a job is their moment of achievement. For some plans of partying over the weekend pumps them up during the week. For a mom away from her kids, just seeing them on skype would reenergize her after a long tiring day. There could be millions of such examples.

The crux is there is always something in life that will compel us to look beyond the ordinary and keep going on and moving forward. 

We have always read that we should neither live in the past nor in the future and it is the present that we should focus on. It is true, there is no doubt. But if there is nothing to look forward to, nothing that future holds that excites us, then the present too shall become dull. Its the wait for those moments that keeps us going every moment. 

Living every moment of life to the fullest is something we should strive to do but some moments are meant to be different so that we know, what it feels like when our heart skips a beat or when it starts pumping fast, when we have an adrenaline rush or when we are are overloaded with conflicting emotions.

Life is simple and at the same time complicated! . But all in all, its wonderful! 




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