Carry your shield

When is it that one fails or what is it that renders someone a failure?

There are so many paths/phases in life that we cross. Along most if not all of these phases, there comes a time when you start doubting yourself and your capabilities so much so that you regret the decision of taking up something that only proves you to be a loser. This is a time when one needs to reflect upon themselves not to question their own abilities but to understand the reason for not having faith in your ownself. As such times, don’t we start comparing ourselves with all the possible people we know and it is we, our very ownselves who start depreciating our own value. So afterall, it isn’t others who look down on us. Rather it is us, who stops believing in themselves. 

And this is a time when one achieves the title of a failure. A failure, not because we couldn’t achieve what we had set out to achieve but because giving up was an easier option rather than fighting through and proving it to none other than yourself that nothing is impossible. 

The thought of giving up on something that we are meant to or chose to pursue brings in us a feeling of low self esteem, low confidence and worst of all   doubting yourself. Once we plant the seed of doubt in our mind, it only keeps growing worsening the our ability to think beyond. It is like a germ that spreads easily and later becomes difficult to get rid of. 

It is always a fight, whether with someone, with the world or if no one, yourself. The survival of the fittest instinct is what should drive us for everything in life never forgetting to carry with ourselves our shield of self belief, faith  and trust. 

Also I agree there are things in life that one may not be able to achieve and sometimes giving up in the only option we are left with. And at such times, giving up is the most difficult thing that one has to do. Such times are not when one is considered a failure, it is simply fate. 

In the end, we are what we believe we are and how we see ourselves! 







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