Keeping the spirit alive

Its been a while since I last blogged. The reason I haven’t posted anything is because I just moved to another city. 

In the last 3 months, first I moved countries and second I moved cities. I am now in Toronto for good (hopefully).

Well, moving from one place to another can take quite a toll on one. Atleast for me it does. And I don’t mean just physically but mentally as well. 

Its works quite strangely with me. When I am to move to another place, I get excited days and months before I am supposed to leave. But as soon as it is almost time to to say goodbye, I just get really upset as much as if given an option, I would not leave at all.

And then when I have landed here in Canada for which I have been waiting for so long, to start a new life, I just cant seem to cope with the fact that I have left behind everything and here I am, all alone – no family, no friends, no acquaintances. The only solace for me right now is the technology that lets me connect so easily to my friends and family back  at home. 

All this while I have been pretty busy settling down, setting up the house which is good for me because I really haven’t had the time to feel lonely. And I am dreading that time when I will have all the free time with nobody around.

I am wondering whether this is atypical of me or do you or have you gone through the same emotions.

However, moving countries has helped me think of what I can do with all the free time and blogging was one of them. I have also joined hands with my best friend and started a facebook page that we have been discussing about for long. It has also given me the time for self realization and to understand what I really want to do going ahead. I just hope to get work some where, where I feel like I belong. Its just not easy to get a job here as well which dampens my spirit a little every day. 

Over and above all of this, I still will not stop thinking positively and I do believe whatever happens from here onwards, will be good. I will have to keep the faith and expect good things because that is the only way!


3 thoughts on “Keeping the spirit alive

  1. Spend some time creating a vision board – if nothing else it makes you recognise what you want your life to look life and I can definitely recommend it. The links were in my post about Change today.. Definitely a worthwhile thing to do! xx

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