Find your inspiration

I have been blogging since a month now and I had promised myself that I will write something everyday. And I did stick to it for an initial couple of days. And then as you know, promises are meant to be broken!So since late, every night (but mind you, not that I do not try), I do switch on my laptop, open wordpress, click on new blog, have my fingers ready on the keyboard but… my mind is wandering… and it just goes completely blank. I just have no idea what to write. After digging through all the things that happened during the day, looking at the things around me and outside the window, I still am at a loss of ideas/thoughts as to what should I write about today.  Also there have been times, I decide not to write anything. And then I resort to reading something, listening to music or going through the facebook posts. And all of a sudden I know what I want to write about. 

And one of the days, it just dawned on me that inspiration is not always drawn from the deep, complex or the bigger things in life or from eminent people in the world or around you. One can draw inspiration from the most insignificant things in life.. for example from a facebook post. Yes, atleast its pretty much true for me. 

Besides the inspiration,  another important thing is for me to realize how do I relate myself to that thought/inspiration because if I cannot figure out how it affects me or how I feel about it, I simply cannot write about it.

Isn’t our mind the most wonderful as well as one of the most funniest creations of God! Hasn’t it ever happened with you that you keep thinking and looking for an idea/inspiration for hours and you still cant come up with anything decent. And then when you least expect it , the idea/inspiration just gushes through your brain and leaves you wondering why it never occurred to you earlier.

And so I have realized that the more I try to delve for an idea, the farther it runs away from me. I just wait for something to hit me (not literally). And then there is nothing stopping me from writing that blog for the day!

Its important we realize that inspiration can stem from anything. All we need is to listen/absorb/see that sign we get from our surroundings, people, anything. 

Lets share with each other some of the most unexpected sources of your inspiration. It should be fun!

Look forward to see your responses in the comments section. 

P.S. – one of the most weirdest source of my inspiration was a foot-tapping bollywood song. 


11 thoughts on “Find your inspiration

  1. Very nicely said, so true a point.. how to draw stuff to write on ! you are right..our inspiration can stem from tiny insignificant things. Itz all about connecting to areas,topics,emotions,people ..and finding a source to think further n write our heart out ! Enjoyed reading your post .

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    1. Thanks Kamakhya! You know I do look forward to your comments. And also do let me know your feedback in terms of improving my writing and anything specific you want to point out.
      And what has been one of your weirdest/unexpected source of inspiration ?

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  2. Nice post .Recently I was in a city where I saw some poor boy who was carrying a sack and he was searching torn cloths .he inspired me a lot that I need to utilise the time for better future and work for poor people 😊☺

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