The driving force

From the time we started understanding the world around us, haven’t we spent every day of our life trying to achieve something, working towards a goal, looking forward to some things. 

Has it ever occurred to you what is it that drives you?

What is it that always keeps you going day in and day out?

Is it something that we really know or do we just go with the flow?

I am sitting here writing this trying to figure out what makes me look forward to another day, another sunrise. And I realize that its just a normal routine for me – to wake up every morning, dispense with the daily chores, have dinner and sleep and repeat the same day in day out. Do I really know what is it that makes me want to wake up every morning? 

And at this very instance, the answer that propped up in my head is… Life! Yes, I believe that life is the very essence that drives me. I may have thought that love, money, success, recognition are some of the factors that drives me. But is that really true?

Doesn’t it ever occur to you that you may not see another sunrise. In that very moment, is it your goals, your love, your identity that you think of or is it the fact that you do not want to leave this world and you want to live on. Every single day, every single moment, we fight and we fight to live. 

Love, money, success, recognition are all a “means” to make your life beautiful and wonderful to live. 

And it is very true that most of us start to think that those “means” is what drives us for what we do and who we are. We are so lost in our struggles that we forget to reflect on what our life means to us. We forget to introspect ourselves because we are so busy to tick off all those things from that list we have created. We not only fail to value others’ lives but we forget to value our own life! 

This is a materialistic world and we cannot overlook that fact. Everyone has their own struggles, but at the end of every single day, do we really appreciate that we lived today! We thank god for everything we have in our life but do we thank for the life we have? 

Its said that we should live every moment of our life as if its the very last one we have! Yes that is so true because its in those last moments, we realize what life really means and its true meaning. 

I am no saint to be talking or preaching about the meaning of life but atleast I  will make an effort to dig into my subconscience and understand the importance of this very life I have and its existence. And nothing is more valuable than life!

I am because life is!


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