You are beautiful… just the way you are!

love-your-body2I was just watching the promotion of a lingerie brand today and was pleasantly surprised to see models (seemed they weren’t even professional models, just ordinary women like myself) who were neither thin, petite, size zero nor had perfect beach bodies. They were like how every ordinary woman should be – a body that they were comfortable as well as confident in.

And I realized that, that is infact the most natural way to live which is to be happy in your own body. And always seeking to be like the petite models or the celebrities is actually pretty unnatural and rather ludicrous.

Its a very common thing for most of the women including myself to always feel upset about how fat, bulky and unshapely we are. We always look at that one particular friend or that one cousin who has a perfect body and we envy them. And not just envy, we start considering ourselves ugly. And this leads to a lot of things, first of which is losing self-confidence. We suddenly start feeling conscious about the way we dress, and have the constant feeling that people are judging us based on our body shape and size, even if they aren’t. While shopping, our focus shifts from buying clothes that we would look good in to clothes that will help conceal the fat. It turns into a whole new shopping experience. Chances are some might even start considering shopping an exercise rather than something they would have otherwise enjoyed.

Well, its sad to say, but all this obsession can also lead to depression or a condition in some women. While we always see the models and the celebrities and crave for our bodies to be like theirs, we must realise, that is their job and they cannot survive in their field if they do not have a perfect body. Do we think that having a perfect body is everything and makes one happy? Well, there are a lot of documentaries, even movies based on how hard and difficult their life of those models and celebrities is. If you want to compare your bodies, compare the lifestyle as well and see who is better off. Also  chances are what is shown on media isn’t even true.

And as for the friend, cousin, classmate who has a great body, let face it, its not god gifted. It is something they work on. Some very hard work goes into maintaining a good shape. Well, don’t envy them,  because even you can have a perfect body if you are ready to workout as hard as them.

And another thing, starving oneself is just the worst option to lose weight. I pity women who do that. More than those women, I feel for their parents (especially moms) who must have done what not to see their little girls healthy and hearty.

I am not against having a good body but what is important is to learn to love yourself first,irrespective of your size and shape. And more than having a perfect body, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. If you achieve these two things, you can go sweat yourself and have that perfect body.

But remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. Never hate or despise yourself. Because if you do, you are inviting others to feel the same for you.

Every woman is beautiful, no matter the size, her curves, her voluptuousness or petite frame. It is her very identity and defines who she really is.

Lets start believing in our beauty.
I must admit that I too have been a victim of such thoughts. But it didn’t take me long to understand that real beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. It lies in knowing and accepting who you truly are. It is and will always be the best gift we will ever love yourself..if you don’t, no one else will!


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