You looked beautiful

It was a usual morning

I sat at the coffee shop

With the same coffee and the same daily paper

I waited for her to come

And she did…

Only she wasn’t the same

There was something unusual about her

I gazed at her till she passed a dry smile to me

I kept wondering what is different about her today

How wonderful she looks everyday, why not today?

I could not help but stare

Then I heard someone say

“So she finally has plastic on her face”

And my mind was cluttered with a thousand thoughts

Oh what she must have been through for such a drastic step for her to take

I could see the sunshine fade off her face

She smiled without a smile

She looked around with guilt

She chose a secluded spot to sit

So no one could see how she looked

Oh what she must have been through

I wish I could tell how beaming  she looked every single day

That I longed to see her your tranquil face every day

She is the reason I am here every morning

Why would she change?

Cant she be the same again?

She looked beautiful!

Alas its done.

But I will pray that she smiles again like she used to

“You are still beautiful inside

Don’t let it be swayed by anything”

I hope for one last thing

Please smile at me everyday

“You did look beautiful every single day!”







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