A leap of faith

What if they make fun of me…

I will become the laughing stock…

What if it turns out to be the most embarrassing moment of my life…

I don’t think I can do it…

I think I will let it go….

Have you ever encountered these kind of questions?

Atleast I have. I have bombarded myself with these questions on multiple occasions not just in the past but even now.

Usually this is the kind of the hesitation we have, when we take up something which is either out of our comfort zone, or when we are attempting something for the first time or something we are really scared of doing.

So what is the reason behind this dilly-dallying. Probably, one of the main reasons is the lack of faith and self belief in yourself. Plus we fear failure which restrains us from pursing a lot of things in life because we believe that failure brings along a lot other social stigma which we might not be able to face.

So, like I mentioned earlier, I still go through such dilemmas. And I have found a solution to overcome my fears.

One of my major fears is public speaking. I am scared to death when I have to speak in front of even five people. So I took it up on myself and decided whenever I get a chance to speak amongst an audience I will not hesitate.

So when I did get a chance to go and speak up in front of an audience, all I did was tell myself that I am no less than anyone and why should I even feel that way. And that this is a chance to prove to myself that I am capable enough to put my thoughts into words. And that’s it. It worked. Although i did fumble a bit because of nervousness but I completed what I wanted to say. And it was not so bad afterall. Thereafter I have improved and am not scared anymore.

Also there is another way of looking at it. When you are in such a situation, just think of the worst thing that could happen to you in your life (for example dying without a forewarning or losing someone dear) and compare it with the consequences of failing to do whatever you are not comfortable with/afraid of. And you would realize that the consequences of you failing are not as bad. Besides, it also makes you realize that life is very short and there isn’t much time to fear or procrastinate.

So all we all need is a little faith in ourselves and with that just take a leap into life and not waste time fearing anything.

“Its impossible”, said pride

“Its risky”, said experience

“Its pointless”, said reason

“GIVE IT A TRY”, whispered the heart






11 thoughts on “A leap of faith

  1. Great mentality, I’m sureany can relate to this.
    It’s true, in our eyes something in particular could see extremely complicating or scary. But if we trust ourselves or have a little faith in ourselves we may be able to overcome whatever it is that may scare us. Thank you for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem! 😊
        Don’t feel like that 🙂
        I know how that feels, more when you are a brand new blogger, but I believe the best way to attract readers and viewers who will engage is to visit other blogs that interest you and then it can be mutual interest. 🙂


      2. Hang in there! Statistics can be deceiving: I am under the impression that if people read you on their WordPress reader page, it is not included in the “views” count. I have a secondary blog in English that nobody practically ever goes on (plus I rarely post on it, all of this takes time) but I keep it anyway.
        When you blog, do it for your own pleasure of looking at it!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hi! My English blog is at
        I haven’t managed to post many things on it up until now… But knowing that I have followers should give me a boost!
        The hard part is adapting for quantities (for instance, an American pie dish is not the same size as a French one 🙄) as well as using the appropriate ingredients…
        Thank you for the interest!


  2. Wonderful post…I have heard a quote and try to follow it at every point of time- always do what you are afraid to do, when in public go and embarrass yourself, once you have shown your worst to others only good things will be left for them to see..
    Very inspiring blog..

    Liked by 1 person

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