Happily ever after

It is 11th June today. This day holds a lot of importance in my life. When I started blogging a few days back, I had decided that the blog I will write on 11th June will be dedicated to the one person I can have dedicated my life to – yes you understood that correctly – my very loving and annoying, supportive and irritating, romantic and funny and absolutely gorgeous husband Chirag.

It is on this very day five years back, we tied the knot and committed to each other a life long relationship based on trust, understanding and a true friendship (and love is a natural by product when these ingredients work well together)

Marriage, people say is not easy and it truly isn’t. There goes a lot into making a marriage successful especially if it is an arranged marriage (like the one I had). The initial few years are especially very crucial and is the foundation of a long lasting and more importantly a loving relationship. In arrange marriages, the love grows every single day, every single moment. There is so much excitement because you get to know your partner little by little every day. And by the time (which btw might take a few years) you completely get to know your partner, understand their psyche and boom!!! you suddenly realize how much you have fallen in love. Sigh!!!

Such was my case too. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I have fallen in love! *blushing*

Well, I am not going to use the cliche here that I have the best husband in the world and blah blah blah.. I believe that every relationship has its own charm and is special in its own way. I for one am lucky to have found the person who has not only contributed a lot to make this marriage and our relationship successful, but   has also made it so easy for me that five years just seemed to have slipped by (well atleast for me.. I do not know how he managed to survive managing me :P)

We share a relation which does not suffocate the other and we honestly respect in giving each other the space each requires. A successful relation is not being together all the time, holding hands every time and asking for complete attention of your partner. It is about respecting the individuality of each other, it is about how much you can associate with each other despite the differences in character, personality, traits and habits. Being just in a relationship and getting married and committing spending your lives together are different ball games altogether.

Only when two people live together, do they realize how different they are in terms of absolutely everything you can think of. And its a different journey one embarks on (especially in an arrange marriage) when two strangers tie the knot and start living together.

I make it sound so scary isn’t it? And that was my state when I got married!

But today (after five years) when you read this post what is it that you realize about me?? us??

I for one have realized that I could not have asked for a better person to share my entire life with. And as much as I would like to write an essay on how wonderful he is.. I will just leave it at this .. he is someone who loves me exactly the way I am along with all my shortcomings. And the fact that he has not asked me to change but rather compromised on various aspects himself is proof enough that he is the one for me and will always remain my man forever… ever after…

Love you. Happy anniversary!!

Cheers to surviving the 5 crucial years.. Hopefully we have a long way to go from here…


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