Lights, Camera, Bollywood!!!

I realized I have been writing a lot about all the serious aspects of life and things that need so much of thought. Sometimes it gets too heavy doesn’t it. And even I feel it at times, and thats when i tell myself.. to hell with it.. I need a break for God’s sake! I don’t really want my life to be plain and simple.. I too am an average person and like every other average individual I need some spice and some drama in my life. How else will the life be interesting!!

And speaking of drama, there couldn’t be anything better than watching a Bollywood movie ūüôā Yes, I admit I am a big big fan of Bollywood movies.

Ah, what life would have been without those movies – ¬†all that foot tapping, hip shaking, waist twisting and heart¬†wrenching music which I can keep listening to on repeat mode (I am secretly listening to it while I am writing this post). And there’s also all that¬†music you are irritated listening to but it would just keep lingering at the tip of your tongue and you cant not get rid of it even if you wanted to.

Рthen there is the amazing bollywood dancing. Well need I say any more when we all know that everyone around the globe just loves it. It is one of the most entertaining forms of dancing. And lets admit it we all start shaking our butts as soon as we listen to some of those popular chart busters. I am already shaking mine as I am listening to one of those songs right now.

– ¬†and and what do I say about all that¬†utter nonsense and most entertainingly idiotic¬†comedy, watching which you dont know whether to laugh or cry, nonetheless I¬†will still watch it ūüôā because everything, everytime¬†in life does not have to make sense. Sometimes you¬†should ¬†just forget logic and simply laugh your heart out. After all laughter is the best medicine.

– then comes all the drama, oh my god .. thats the best part.. there would be no spice if there was no drama.. there’s family drama, love drama, superhero drama, Sci-fi drama (yes,¬†thats correct sci-fi drama :D). Every genre is equally interesting. Whatever your type is, bollywood has it.

– ¬†and last but not least are all those gorgeously good looking actors (some of them are so yumm ūüėõ ) with even more gorgeous outfits. In India, the fashion trend for the masses is not set by the high end designers but by the actors. The bollywood movies are the trend setters for the fashion industry. And there’s more.. even the location for the shooting of¬†a bollywood movie becomes a most visited tourist destination.

Bollywood has such a profound effect on the lives of all the Indians. It is definitely one of the best forms of entertainment and by far a great stress reliever.

Now, I definitely need to go and watch a bollywood movie, not because I am stressed but because I love bollywood and it is a one stop shop for all my needs :drama, romance, music, dancing and comedy.

See you all after a short break. *wink* *wink*


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