You never know how strong you are unless being strong is your only choice… Bob Marley

I am so sure we have all heard rag to riches stories of various personalities  and probably a few people you would know personally as well.

What do we really understand from those stories. Is there is a meaning… a amoral?? or it is a story we hear just to  amuse ourselves??

The purpose of these stories is to inspire people to look beyond the ordinary, to overcome adverse circumstances and most importantly to believe in yourself and realize that giving up is not an option.

It always is an easy choice to cave in to our weaknesses especially during difficult times. But again these are the times when you realize your own strength only if you are ready to fight through. Someone quoted very beautifully – We are like tea bags… we don’t know our own strength until we are in hot water.

And it is true, sometimes, we don’t realize our own strength until we come face to face  with our greatest weakness.

It is a competitive, mean and a badass world out there. And if one wants to survive, one has to fight his way through. You cannot depend on anyone to solve your problems or to fight for you. It is you and you alone.

Some would argue that we are not alone, we have our family and friends. And which is absolutely true but we have to realize that although they will always be there by our side and provide the unflinching moral support, but they cannot fight our battles.

For example, assume you are preparing for a race and you know that you are the second best but you want to win your next race. To help you win the race, you have a coach. But all he can do is train you and mentor you but it is only your own determination and strength that will help you run the fastest. Your coach or for that matter your family members and friends are not going to carry you through the race.

“Strong isn’t about having a million strengths.

Its about facing and dealing with your weakness”

It is really important to be your own strength in every sphere of life because ultimately life is how and what you make of it – yes you alone.







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