Down Memory Lane

One of the things that never ceases to bore me or even to go on and on talking or thinking about is my childhood. It was, and definitely will be the best period of my life.

It was a time when innocence overpowered everything else. It was a time when the only trouble  I had in my life was studying for the exams. It was a time when the only thing I apprehended the most was my mom beckoning me to get back to my homework which meant play time was over. It was the only time when I licked the entire bowl of ice cream without being embarrassed. It was the only time when being fashionable was showing off the new school bag. It was the only time when playground was a party place. It was the only time when I bragged about having a landline telephone in my house. It was one and the only time I wish I could transport myself back to.

I miss when I was little, and didn’t care about my weight, clothes or hair, I just did what made me happy.

Childhood is that gem which is far more precious than anything in this world. Infact it is priceless!

I am sure most of you will agree that as children, we always wanted to dress and behave like adults and could not wait to become one. And now that we are adults, we feel the exact opposite. The only difference is  now we can never go back and relive those days again. But but.. that doesn’t make me one bit sad because I have had a beautiful childhood  and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I have amassed all the wonderful memories of my childhood in a special little section of my heart which will never be corrupted no matter what happens in my life.

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become old

I am also so thankful to God who has given me the most wonderful and loving parents in the world, without whom I would not have had a childhood to remember and for the person I am today.

Those were the best days of my life! I still remember….

  • how I would would steal the candies when mom was asleep,
  • how at school, I gave away my lunch to the crows (and also all the beating I got when my mom got to know about it),
  • how I started to take a bath when my mom locked me in the bathroom as punishment
  • how I pretended to sleep in the afternoon and slip away when mom also slept off
  • how I would run to dad if mom scolded me
  • how I have always managed to get lost on an outing

The list is never ending.

I cant express how happy I am to be writing this post. Its just so refreshing and I just cant seem to stop smiling. I just so wish I was with my mom at this very moment and how I would have slept like a baby in her arms.

I really really cherish those days and I wish everyone has had a beautiful childhood. Please feel free to share your most prominent memories. I am sure once you start thinking, it was be one beautiful journey down the memory lane.

Look forward to hear about your memories.








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