The ‘Happy Space’

If someone asks you right at the moment to close your eyes and recall a memory or anything else that brings you a smile instantaneously, would it be possible for you?

Is it a no? If it is then you haven’t thought through all this while.

I believe that it is important that every individual should have such a memory or some picture in their mind that brings them happiness even if it is for a moment.

I call this memory/picture my ‘happy space’.

It may sound really stupid and childish but it is this very ‘happy space’ that brings me some solace and cheers me up when I am a having rough day, when I am disheartened or any such time when circumstances are against me.

Why do we need to create this space in our mind? Simply because life is not bed of roses! Life is a constant struggle and there are always ups and downs. While we are always happy during the ups, doesn’t there have to be somethings that pulls us through during our downs?

What is the point in struggling so much in your life if you are not able to create memories that you can draw upon when you need them.

Materialistic things will never bring you any joy in the true sense. Your happy space is a place that nobody can invade, nor can anyone influence it. When the time comes, it is something that can elevate your mood, inspire you, remind you of your strength and most importantly remind you who you are and what you are capable of.

If you want to measure your success, don’t count your money count the memories that you have been able to create in all these years. Memories are priceless and they are the ones that will remain with you till you part from this world.

If your answer was no in the beginning, hopefully by now you would have started to think about them 🙂




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