Its Day 3 since I actively started blogging and I must say that I am kind of excited to take it to new lengths which I still haven’t imagined, but my friend, rather my BFF already has a vision as to how our #PACT of blogging daily would land us in a year’s time.

For those who do chance upon reading this post of mine, you can refer to this link: (       This is where in my friend  has described what our pact is (just in case you get interested).

I guess I wouldn’t really have continued if it had not been for Akruti. She was the one who pushed me and instilled so much confidence in me making me believe that what ever I write is not really bullshit. 😀

I have so far written only 2 posts. And what got me so excited was the fact that my post was being read by people whom I don’t know and what more, one of them actually encouraged me to continue writing.

I guess for people like me who are apprehensive of how judgmental people might get when they read what I write, any form of  encouragement and a I would like to say, also a bit of appreciation/praise helps a lot.

Today I am really happy and I have decided I will not stop blogging no matter what. I will stick to our PACT and make sure I don’t break it.

Here I would really like to thank Akruti ( for encouraging me and helping me be myself here. Else I am sure I would take days to write something which would be after carefully examining every word i write. She tells me, this is my space and I should fear no one. And look what she did to me!!!!!

I am so glad I am able to do this. I want to this take this to a whole new level and I just hope whoever reads my posts/future posts will give me honest opinion. I also don’t mind anyone criticizing my posts as that will only help me get better.

I guess I am done for today. It was a really good day!



5 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I guess im the happiest (even more than you)! Thank u so much for I too wpuld have existed here had it not been for you. I love the way u write..its like ur putting forward a part of your thoughts just the way they are…unadulterated and honest…waiting for more and more..keep at it girl and dnt even talk about brking our pact..cuz thats not even an option 🙂 much love!

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