Find your inspiration

I have been blogging since a month now and I had promised myself that I will write something everyday. And I did stick to it for an initial couple of days. And then as you know, promises are meant to be broken!So since late, every night (but mind you, not that I do not try), I do switch on my laptop, open wordpress, click on new blog, have my fingers ready on the keyboard but… my mind is wandering… and it just goes completely blank. I just have no idea what to write. After digging through all the things that happened during the day, looking at the things around me and outside the window, I still am at a loss of ideas/thoughts as to what should I write about today.  Also there have been times, I decide not to write anything. And then I resort to reading something, listening to music or going through the facebook posts. And all of a sudden I know what I want to write about. 

And one of the days, it just dawned on me that inspiration is not always drawn from the deep, complex or the bigger things in life or from eminent people in the world or around you. One can draw inspiration from the most insignificant things in life.. for example from a facebook post. Yes, atleast its pretty much true for me. 

Besides the inspiration,  another important thing is for me to realize how do I relate myself to that thought/inspiration because if I cannot figure out how it affects me or how I feel about it, I simply cannot write about it.

Isn’t our mind the most wonderful as well as one of the most funniest creations of God! Hasn’t it ever happened with you that you keep thinking and looking for an idea/inspiration for hours and you still cant come up with anything decent. And then when you least expect it , the idea/inspiration just gushes through your brain and leaves you wondering why it never occurred to you earlier.

And so I have realized that the more I try to delve for an idea, the farther it runs away from me. I just wait for something to hit me (not literally). And then there is nothing stopping me from writing that blog for the day!

Its important we realize that inspiration can stem from anything. All we need is to listen/absorb/see that sign we get from our surroundings, people, anything. 

Lets share with each other some of the most unexpected sources of your inspiration. It should be fun!

Look forward to see your responses in the comments section. 

P.S. – one of the most weirdest source of my inspiration was a foot-tapping bollywood song. 


The driving force

From the time we started understanding the world around us, haven’t we spent every day of our life trying to achieve something, working towards a goal, looking forward to some things. 

Has it ever occurred to you what is it that drives you?

What is it that always keeps you going day in and day out?

Is it something that we really know or do we just go with the flow?

I am sitting here writing this trying to figure out what makes me look forward to another day, another sunrise. And I realize that its just a normal routine for me – to wake up every morning, dispense with the daily chores, have dinner and sleep and repeat the same day in day out. Do I really know what is it that makes me want to wake up every morning? 

And at this very instance, the answer that propped up in my head is… Life! Yes, I believe that life is the very essence that drives me. I may have thought that love, money, success, recognition are some of the factors that drives me. But is that really true?

Doesn’t it ever occur to you that you may not see another sunrise. In that very moment, is it your goals, your love, your identity that you think of or is it the fact that you do not want to leave this world and you want to live on. Every single day, every single moment, we fight and we fight to live. 

Love, money, success, recognition are all a “means” to make your life beautiful and wonderful to live. 

And it is very true that most of us start to think that those “means” is what drives us for what we do and who we are. We are so lost in our struggles that we forget to reflect on what our life means to us. We forget to introspect ourselves because we are so busy to tick off all those things from that list we have created. We not only fail to value others’ lives but we forget to value our own life! 

This is a materialistic world and we cannot overlook that fact. Everyone has their own struggles, but at the end of every single day, do we really appreciate that we lived today! We thank god for everything we have in our life but do we thank for the life we have? 

Its said that we should live every moment of our life as if its the very last one we have! Yes that is so true because its in those last moments, we realize what life really means and its true meaning. 

I am no saint to be talking or preaching about the meaning of life but atleast I  will make an effort to dig into my subconscience and understand the importance of this very life I have and its existence. And nothing is more valuable than life!

I am because life is!

You are beautiful… just the way you are!

love-your-body2I was just watching the promotion of a lingerie brand today and was pleasantly surprised to see models (seemed they weren’t even professional models, just ordinary women like myself) who were neither thin, petite, size zero nor had perfect beach bodies. They were like how every ordinary woman should be – a body that they were comfortable as well as confident in.

And I realized that, that is infact the most natural way to live which is to be happy in your own body. And always seeking to be like the petite models or the celebrities is actually pretty unnatural and rather ludicrous.

Its a very common thing for most of the women including myself to always feel upset about how fat, bulky and unshapely we are. We always look at that one particular friend or that one cousin who has a perfect body and we envy them. And not just envy, we start considering ourselves ugly. And this leads to a lot of things, first of which is losing self-confidence. We suddenly start feeling conscious about the way we dress, and have the constant feeling that people are judging us based on our body shape and size, even if they aren’t. While shopping, our focus shifts from buying clothes that we would look good in to clothes that will help conceal the fat. It turns into a whole new shopping experience. Chances are some might even start considering shopping an exercise rather than something they would have otherwise enjoyed.

Well, its sad to say, but all this obsession can also lead to depression or a condition in some women. While we always see the models and the celebrities and crave for our bodies to be like theirs, we must realise, that is their job and they cannot survive in their field if they do not have a perfect body. Do we think that having a perfect body is everything and makes one happy? Well, there are a lot of documentaries, even movies based on how hard and difficult their life of those models and celebrities is. If you want to compare your bodies, compare the lifestyle as well and see who is better off. Also  chances are what is shown on media isn’t even true.

And as for the friend, cousin, classmate who has a great body, let face it, its not god gifted. It is something they work on. Some very hard work goes into maintaining a good shape. Well, don’t envy them,  because even you can have a perfect body if you are ready to workout as hard as them.

And another thing, starving oneself is just the worst option to lose weight. I pity women who do that. More than those women, I feel for their parents (especially moms) who must have done what not to see their little girls healthy and hearty.

I am not against having a good body but what is important is to learn to love yourself first,irrespective of your size and shape. And more than having a perfect body, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. If you achieve these two things, you can go sweat yourself and have that perfect body.

But remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. Never hate or despise yourself. Because if you do, you are inviting others to feel the same for you.

Every woman is beautiful, no matter the size, her curves, her voluptuousness or petite frame. It is her very identity and defines who she really is.

Lets start believing in our beauty.
I must admit that I too have been a victim of such thoughts. But it didn’t take me long to understand that real beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. It lies in knowing and accepting who you truly are. It is and will always be the best gift we will ever love yourself..if you don’t, no one else will!

You looked beautiful

It was a usual morning

I sat at the coffee shop

With the same coffee and the same daily paper

I waited for her to come

And she did…

Only she wasn’t the same

There was something unusual about her

I gazed at her till she passed a dry smile to me

I kept wondering what is different about her today

How wonderful she looks everyday, why not today?

I could not help but stare

Then I heard someone say

“So she finally has plastic on her face”

And my mind was cluttered with a thousand thoughts

Oh what she must have been through for such a drastic step for her to take

I could see the sunshine fade off her face

She smiled without a smile

She looked around with guilt

She chose a secluded spot to sit

So no one could see how she looked

Oh what she must have been through

I wish I could tell how beaming  she looked every single day

That I longed to see her your tranquil face every day

She is the reason I am here every morning

Why would she change?

Cant she be the same again?

She looked beautiful!

Alas its done.

But I will pray that she smiles again like she used to

“You are still beautiful inside

Don’t let it be swayed by anything”

I hope for one last thing

Please smile at me everyday

“You did look beautiful every single day!”






A little appreciation goes a long way

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and neither was I a child prodigy. I was born an average child and grew up to be an average human being, meaning, I don’t possess any superpowers 😋

So as an average human, I like others have had to strive and and give in my best for everything I did and still do.

In all these years, I am really happy with everything I did to reach where I stand today.

As I look back, I wonder whether any of this would have been possible if I was just always screamed at by my parents, made fun of by friends, ridiculed by relatives, punished by teachers and looked down upon each and everytime by everyone.

Although there are always some ‘mess makers’ in everyone’s life; nonetheless, such people are always outnumbered by those who actually care.

So I believe that a positive remark/comment, a pat on your back, a hug when things go wrong, a push when you lose hope, a gratifying smile when your spirits are dampened, some reassuring advice when you want to give up are some of the things that helps us not only to carry on but also affirms our faith in ourselves and to keep moving ahead in life with all the force.

I started blogging only a few days back and on my third post, I saw other bloggers liking and commenting as well. I was ecstatic to see the comments and likes. It gave me a newfound energy to keep me going and here I still am blogging. This is just a very small example of a gesture, a form of appreciation that has not only pumped me up but made me feel confident and wanting to write more.

So all I want to do is send across a simple message.

Criticism at every point may or may not bring out the best in people but a small gesture of appreciation goes a long way and you never know how big a role your small gesture may play in someone’s life. Always try and spread positivity.. it never hurts. It will only bring about smiles 😃

Have a good day everyone!

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary”- Margaret Cousins

A leap of faith

What if they make fun of me…

I will become the laughing stock…

What if it turns out to be the most embarrassing moment of my life…

I don’t think I can do it…

I think I will let it go….

Have you ever encountered these kind of questions?

Atleast I have. I have bombarded myself with these questions on multiple occasions not just in the past but even now.

Usually this is the kind of the hesitation we have, when we take up something which is either out of our comfort zone, or when we are attempting something for the first time or something we are really scared of doing.

So what is the reason behind this dilly-dallying. Probably, one of the main reasons is the lack of faith and self belief in yourself. Plus we fear failure which restrains us from pursing a lot of things in life because we believe that failure brings along a lot other social stigma which we might not be able to face.

So, like I mentioned earlier, I still go through such dilemmas. And I have found a solution to overcome my fears.

One of my major fears is public speaking. I am scared to death when I have to speak in front of even five people. So I took it up on myself and decided whenever I get a chance to speak amongst an audience I will not hesitate.

So when I did get a chance to go and speak up in front of an audience, all I did was tell myself that I am no less than anyone and why should I even feel that way. And that this is a chance to prove to myself that I am capable enough to put my thoughts into words. And that’s it. It worked. Although i did fumble a bit because of nervousness but I completed what I wanted to say. And it was not so bad afterall. Thereafter I have improved and am not scared anymore.

Also there is another way of looking at it. When you are in such a situation, just think of the worst thing that could happen to you in your life (for example dying without a forewarning or losing someone dear) and compare it with the consequences of failing to do whatever you are not comfortable with/afraid of. And you would realize that the consequences of you failing are not as bad. Besides, it also makes you realize that life is very short and there isn’t much time to fear or procrastinate.

So all we all need is a little faith in ourselves and with that just take a leap into life and not waste time fearing anything.

“Its impossible”, said pride

“Its risky”, said experience

“Its pointless”, said reason

“GIVE IT A TRY”, whispered the heart





Happily ever after

It is 11th June today. This day holds a lot of importance in my life. When I started blogging a few days back, I had decided that the blog I will write on 11th June will be dedicated to the one person I can have dedicated my life to – yes you understood that correctly – my very loving and annoying, supportive and irritating, romantic and funny and absolutely gorgeous husband Chirag.

It is on this very day five years back, we tied the knot and committed to each other a life long relationship based on trust, understanding and a true friendship (and love is a natural by product when these ingredients work well together)

Marriage, people say is not easy and it truly isn’t. There goes a lot into making a marriage successful especially if it is an arranged marriage (like the one I had). The initial few years are especially very crucial and is the foundation of a long lasting and more importantly a loving relationship. In arrange marriages, the love grows every single day, every single moment. There is so much excitement because you get to know your partner little by little every day. And by the time (which btw might take a few years) you completely get to know your partner, understand their psyche and boom!!! you suddenly realize how much you have fallen in love. Sigh!!!

Such was my case too. Yes, I am guilty as charged. I have fallen in love! *blushing*

Well, I am not going to use the cliche here that I have the best husband in the world and blah blah blah.. I believe that every relationship has its own charm and is special in its own way. I for one am lucky to have found the person who has not only contributed a lot to make this marriage and our relationship successful, but   has also made it so easy for me that five years just seemed to have slipped by (well atleast for me.. I do not know how he managed to survive managing me :P)

We share a relation which does not suffocate the other and we honestly respect in giving each other the space each requires. A successful relation is not being together all the time, holding hands every time and asking for complete attention of your partner. It is about respecting the individuality of each other, it is about how much you can associate with each other despite the differences in character, personality, traits and habits. Being just in a relationship and getting married and committing spending your lives together are different ball games altogether.

Only when two people live together, do they realize how different they are in terms of absolutely everything you can think of. And its a different journey one embarks on (especially in an arrange marriage) when two strangers tie the knot and start living together.

I make it sound so scary isn’t it? And that was my state when I got married!

But today (after five years) when you read this post what is it that you realize about me?? us??

I for one have realized that I could not have asked for a better person to share my entire life with. And as much as I would like to write an essay on how wonderful he is.. I will just leave it at this .. he is someone who loves me exactly the way I am along with all my shortcomings. And the fact that he has not asked me to change but rather compromised on various aspects himself is proof enough that he is the one for me and will always remain my man forever… ever after…

Love you. Happy anniversary!!

Cheers to surviving the 5 crucial years.. Hopefully we have a long way to go from here…

Lights, Camera, Bollywood!!!

I realized I have been writing a lot about all the serious aspects of life and things that need so much of thought. Sometimes it gets too heavy doesn’t it. And even I feel it at times, and thats when i tell myself.. to hell with it.. I need a break for God’s sake! I don’t really want my life to be plain and simple.. I too am an average person and like every other average individual I need some spice and some drama in my life. How else will the life be interesting!!

And speaking of drama, there couldn’t be anything better than watching a Bollywood movie 🙂 Yes, I admit I am a big big fan of Bollywood movies.

Ah, what life would have been without those movies –  all that foot tapping, hip shaking, waist twisting and heart wrenching music which I can keep listening to on repeat mode (I am secretly listening to it while I am writing this post). And there’s also all that music you are irritated listening to but it would just keep lingering at the tip of your tongue and you cant not get rid of it even if you wanted to.

– then there is the amazing bollywood dancing. Well need I say any more when we all know that everyone around the globe just loves it. It is one of the most entertaining forms of dancing. And lets admit it we all start shaking our butts as soon as we listen to some of those popular chart busters. I am already shaking mine as I am listening to one of those songs right now.

–  and and what do I say about all that utter nonsense and most entertainingly idiotic comedy, watching which you dont know whether to laugh or cry, nonetheless I will still watch it 🙂 because everything, everytime in life does not have to make sense. Sometimes you should  just forget logic and simply laugh your heart out. After all laughter is the best medicine.

– then comes all the drama, oh my god .. thats the best part.. there would be no spice if there was no drama.. there’s family drama, love drama, superhero drama, Sci-fi drama (yes, thats correct sci-fi drama :D). Every genre is equally interesting. Whatever your type is, bollywood has it.

–  and last but not least are all those gorgeously good looking actors (some of them are so yumm 😛 ) with even more gorgeous outfits. In India, the fashion trend for the masses is not set by the high end designers but by the actors. The bollywood movies are the trend setters for the fashion industry. And there’s more.. even the location for the shooting of a bollywood movie becomes a most visited tourist destination.

Bollywood has such a profound effect on the lives of all the Indians. It is definitely one of the best forms of entertainment and by far a great stress reliever.

Now, I definitely need to go and watch a bollywood movie, not because I am stressed but because I love bollywood and it is a one stop shop for all my needs :drama, romance, music, dancing and comedy.

See you all after a short break. *wink* *wink*

You never know how strong you are unless being strong is your only choice… Bob Marley

I am so sure we have all heard rag to riches stories of various personalities  and probably a few people you would know personally as well.

What do we really understand from those stories. Is there is a meaning… a amoral?? or it is a story we hear just to  amuse ourselves??

The purpose of these stories is to inspire people to look beyond the ordinary, to overcome adverse circumstances and most importantly to believe in yourself and realize that giving up is not an option.

It always is an easy choice to cave in to our weaknesses especially during difficult times. But again these are the times when you realize your own strength only if you are ready to fight through. Someone quoted very beautifully – We are like tea bags… we don’t know our own strength until we are in hot water.

And it is true, sometimes, we don’t realize our own strength until we come face to face  with our greatest weakness.

It is a competitive, mean and a badass world out there. And if one wants to survive, one has to fight his way through. You cannot depend on anyone to solve your problems or to fight for you. It is you and you alone.

Some would argue that we are not alone, we have our family and friends. And which is absolutely true but we have to realize that although they will always be there by our side and provide the unflinching moral support, but they cannot fight our battles.

For example, assume you are preparing for a race and you know that you are the second best but you want to win your next race. To help you win the race, you have a coach. But all he can do is train you and mentor you but it is only your own determination and strength that will help you run the fastest. Your coach or for that matter your family members and friends are not going to carry you through the race.

“Strong isn’t about having a million strengths.

Its about facing and dealing with your weakness”

It is really important to be your own strength in every sphere of life because ultimately life is how and what you make of it – yes you alone.






Music – the language of the soul

There are certain days when you wake up and feel so fresh, energetic  and happy and you know it already that you are going to have a pretty good day! Do you think that there are there any other hints that you get during any particular day that makes you believe that it is a good day indeed!

I know one such hint and that is when I put my music on shuffle and slowly one after the other all my favorite songs are being played. I look at my iPod and wonder, how the hell do you know what I want to listen to. Believe me or not, when this happens my entire body language changes, I am suddenly is a great mood and I can start dancing anytime.

MUSIC!!! – I believe is the greatest creation of  mankind. Music is enchanting, music is beautiful, music is soothing, music is calming, music is a feeling and music is a language in itself. Music has no boundaries, no religion, no caste, no gender. It is a pure manifestation of God!

There is not a single emotion that cannot be conveyed through music. And again the effect that music can have on us is unimaginable. It can inspire us, invoke feelings and emotions that we would not probably feel otherwise. Music is so overpowering that people start associating memories with music. It so often brings about nostalgia in us.

I must tell you this. I am quite a lazy person when it comes to working out. Today I went for an evening walk and I was listening to music. I just don’t know what got into me and I started running because I felt so energized listening to the music. And trust me I am not someone who would suddenly start working out. It takes me a whole lot of convincing myself for days before I would finally step out and work out. So while running today, I realized, how influential music can be. It is certainly one of the best gifts that human kind have gifted themselves.

“The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought”

What would life be without music. Honestly, I just cannot imagine my life without music. Even though I am not a musician (only a bathroom singer), I feel so drawn towards music. How I wish I could sing or play an instrument which would enable me to covey my emotions through the beautiful and pure platform of communication.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Music has had a profound effect on humanity. It has been carried  through from generation to generation. Once it started, it could never be subdued, it only grew in magnanimous proportion, influencing, inspiring, spreading love, bonding people and more than anything it has now become a universal language anyone speak.

“Music can change the world because it can change the people” BONO

Music is Love . Love is music!

Down Memory Lane

One of the things that never ceases to bore me or even to go on and on talking or thinking about is my childhood. It was, and definitely will be the best period of my life.

It was a time when innocence overpowered everything else. It was a time when the only trouble  I had in my life was studying for the exams. It was a time when the only thing I apprehended the most was my mom beckoning me to get back to my homework which meant play time was over. It was the only time when I licked the entire bowl of ice cream without being embarrassed. It was the only time when being fashionable was showing off the new school bag. It was the only time when playground was a party place. It was the only time when I bragged about having a landline telephone in my house. It was one and the only time I wish I could transport myself back to.

I miss when I was little, and didn’t care about my weight, clothes or hair, I just did what made me happy.

Childhood is that gem which is far more precious than anything in this world. Infact it is priceless!

I am sure most of you will agree that as children, we always wanted to dress and behave like adults and could not wait to become one. And now that we are adults, we feel the exact opposite. The only difference is  now we can never go back and relive those days again. But but.. that doesn’t make me one bit sad because I have had a beautiful childhood  and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I have amassed all the wonderful memories of my childhood in a special little section of my heart which will never be corrupted no matter what happens in my life.

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become old

I am also so thankful to God who has given me the most wonderful and loving parents in the world, without whom I would not have had a childhood to remember and for the person I am today.

Those were the best days of my life! I still remember….

  • how I would would steal the candies when mom was asleep,
  • how at school, I gave away my lunch to the crows (and also all the beating I got when my mom got to know about it),
  • how I started to take a bath when my mom locked me in the bathroom as punishment
  • how I pretended to sleep in the afternoon and slip away when mom also slept off
  • how I would run to dad if mom scolded me
  • how I have always managed to get lost on an outing

The list is never ending.

I cant express how happy I am to be writing this post. Its just so refreshing and I just cant seem to stop smiling. I just so wish I was with my mom at this very moment and how I would have slept like a baby in her arms.

I really really cherish those days and I wish everyone has had a beautiful childhood. Please feel free to share your most prominent memories. I am sure once you start thinking, it was be one beautiful journey down the memory lane.

Look forward to hear about your memories.







The ‘Happy Space’

If someone asks you right at the moment to close your eyes and recall a memory or anything else that brings you a smile instantaneously, would it be possible for you?

Is it a no? If it is then you haven’t thought through all this while.

I believe that it is important that every individual should have such a memory or some picture in their mind that brings them happiness even if it is for a moment.

I call this memory/picture my ‘happy space’.

It may sound really stupid and childish but it is this very ‘happy space’ that brings me some solace and cheers me up when I am a having rough day, when I am disheartened or any such time when circumstances are against me.

Why do we need to create this space in our mind? Simply because life is not bed of roses! Life is a constant struggle and there are always ups and downs. While we are always happy during the ups, doesn’t there have to be somethings that pulls us through during our downs?

What is the point in struggling so much in your life if you are not able to create memories that you can draw upon when you need them.

Materialistic things will never bring you any joy in the true sense. Your happy space is a place that nobody can invade, nor can anyone influence it. When the time comes, it is something that can elevate your mood, inspire you, remind you of your strength and most importantly remind you who you are and what you are capable of.

If you want to measure your success, don’t count your money count the memories that you have been able to create in all these years. Memories are priceless and they are the ones that will remain with you till you part from this world.

If your answer was no in the beginning, hopefully by now you would have started to think about them 🙂