If I look around myself, all the people around me, do I see happy people?? Ofcourse I see happy faces, smiling faces but are they really happy?? One can never know.

Then I ask myself the same question… am I happy? this leads me to wonder, what happiness actually means….. some say that if you leave the worldly possessions and desires, you have nothing to stop you from being happy and content…. some feel that money brings happiness… some others say that the day you achieve your goals/dreams, you are the happiest. But do I really myself believe that any of these can bring me happiness. Well I have pondered over this like a million times and the only answer I have found to be happy is to always have a positive outlook in your life. I know its easier said than done because there may be circumstances in your life that would prevent you from seeing anything positive, but you must believe that whatever happens only happens for good. This time (the dark hours) will pass by the there will be better and happier times ahead.

I have myself experienced what positivity brings forth and so I am such a strong advocate for being positive no matter what. Its worth mentioning it here that being positive doesn’t mean you should not be upset or sad or grieve over something. It just means that after everything you have to believe in your heart that what had to happen has happened and how can you move ahead the ensuring you live every moment of your life like it was your last.

Happiness is also contagious and its actually true. Everyone loves a happy person and to spend time with that person…why…. because deep down each and every individual wants to be happy… its just that someone who is really happy will make you realize that you too want to be in that same state of mind.

All I know is that happiness brings forth happiness. So be positive.. be happy and may it spread like a wild fire.



8 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Such a happy post..re happy to know your thoughts…u were so right when u mentioned how being happy dsnt mean one cannot grieve or be sad…but it definitely means knowing that after every dark night there will be a good and happy morning. And nothing should stop us from looking forward to it 🙂

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